Monday, 21 November 2011

Christmas Craft Fayre!

I haven't posted on here for a while due to working like a little buzzy bee but tomorrow night I am holding a stall at Kingspark's Christmas Craft Fayre in Dundee that starts at 6pm. See above a sneak peak of some of the work I will have on sale! If your in the area feel free to pop down and have a nosey at the lovely work that will be on sale!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New website launch October 2011

I have now created my very own photography website which is, I hope you enjoy! My photography is for sale and I am available for commissions, if you are interested please get in contact me via email or phone. My email address is or my mobile number which is 07784403942.

Again thank you for visiting, and keep posted for new updates, work & posts :)

Many Thanks,



Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Early morning sunrise in Dundee 3rd October 2011 ...

I dropped my partner off at the train station the other morning (which was very early must I add) and as I was driving along the stretch of the road the sun was rising. It was such a beautiful site to see and certainly something that couldn't be missed! I had to treasure the moment as it is not one that is seen everyday.

New layout & logo

It has been a while since I last posted as I have been busy earning pennies to pay bills and helping my both my mum and sister move house... During that time I have also been working on my new website that i have just launched and my new design logo/ layout for blogger :) I am very happy with the finished products and I look forward forward to continuing with my projects...

Below is my design logo which I hope to use in the near future when selling my work etc: -

My brand new website can be seen below: -

Thank you for visiting and keep up to date with my work/projects x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Finger Knitting...

I came across these two blogs which inspired me greatly along with the help of my textile friend Josey McWilliam. With the inspiration I decided I had to jump on the band wagon and start finger knitting for myself. Since then I haven't looked back as it is so relaxing and theraputic (especially before a long shift before or after work!) :D

The work of Rubyellen, her beautiful pieces can be found at :

The work of Nicole Spring, her fantastic pieces can be found at :

I know my finger knitting isn't nearly as beautiful as what these two ladies have created but I guess I can finally say I'm starting to get the hang of this, don't you agree? (see below)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My sketchbook has arrived for The Sketchbook Project!!

After all this waiting my Sketchbook has finally arrived for The Sketchbook Project!! Eek! Just far too excited :) I can't wait to get started! The theme "In 50years".... watch this space!!! :D


Saturday, 20 August 2011

SALE! *...

If anyone is interested in any of my photography, illustrations or sculpture that they have seen please feel free to contact me at, Very reasonable prices and work can be framed, stretched on canvas etc!In the next couple of days/ weeks I will also be uploaded more work that is for sale. I look forward to hearing from you! x

Botanic Gardens..

While the sun is shining and I am off of work for a week I best take this opportunity to photograph and get snap happy. Summer is coming to an end so it is not going to last for very long!

Summer Holiday :)

Myself and my partner found it quite difficult to get a last minute holiday deal abroad this year so in the end decided to settle for the UK instead. I'm glad we did as we had a lovely time away and also spent some time with my partners family down in Newcastle. While we were there though we visited Beamish Museum (an old victorian mining village), which is definately worth a visit as it is a very interesting place! One of the other days that we were in Newcastle we decided to be big children and go and visit Flamingo Land in yorkshire (again another visit I would recommend!)....

Anstruther Harbour

This summer hasn't been very great with the weather and now that I am working full time it has been difficult to try and get my days off when the sun is shining! The evening that I went to Anstruther for my fish and chips was lovely though so I thought that I would take my good old friend (my camera) and take some pretty pictures and enjoy the weather while I could :)

Graduation Day and Ball 2011

Summer is coming to an end and usually at this time of year I am jumping for joy looking forward to going back to university... but not this summer. It has just dawned on me that university is finished forever :( Here are some pictures though to keep our last days of being a student alive... Oh the memories :D

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Sketchbook Project Tour 2012

To keep me busy this year whilst writing and illustrating my second childrens book, I came across "The Sketchbook Project Tour 2012" website and thought that I would give it a go to see what I can come up with :) I am hoping to travel to America next year with my family so hopefully I will be able to visit my sketchbook on its journey around the world in one of the designated places!

I have just signed up and ordered my sketchbook today so I'm looking forward to it being delivered! :D The theme that I chose for my sketchbook was "In Fifty Years....."

Keep posted to see what I come up with :D ....

BA (Hons) Graduation 2011

I had such a lovely Graduation and I was so happy that I was able to Graduate this year considering everything that myself and my family have been through! I also decided that I needed some time off after finishing university just to catch up with everything that I have been putting off this year due to unforseen circumstances. Due to summer coming to an end shortly I thought that it was a good idea to get back into sketchbooks, projects and blogging again so watch this space :D

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show Opening 2011

Pictures of me and my piece from degree show opening.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Dundee University Degree Show 2011

If your interested in what the students have been up to this year then I would advise you to get down to the Dundee University Degree Show as it is not to be missed!

Private View:
20 May, 6-9pm
21 May to 29 May
Monday – Friday 10am -8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
Admission is free
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
University of Dundee, Perth Road,
Dundee DD1 4HT

If you aren't able to pop down then why not have a look online at the address below,

and of course the illustration webpage is -

Celebrations :)

Celebrations all around! Congratulations to everyone for their fantastic results. i have to admit I am extremely pleased with mine! I now have a 2:2 in BA (hons) Illustration! I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, I wouldnt have got here without you all! :D

4th Year, degree show business cards

Ahhhh the time has finally come... a sneak preview of my business cards before they go out.

4th year main project, childrens book (DEGREE SHOW PIECE)

Just before I finished my editorial project someone close to me got very ill. I wanted to continue with my nature theme so tried to think of a way that I could channel my thoughts of what was going on at home somewhere in my project. I decided that due to the nature of the illness I was going to create a childrens book to help them along the journey, which I have had to take to the later part of this year as I know from past experience there is not a lot out there for children when things like this happen.

My childrens book can be seen above.

4th year main project, editorial

Leading on from my Interim show piece I came across a magazine article in the TIME magazine. I thought this article would be a perfect opportunity for me to create an editorial piece. I worked with the idea of the fibonacci sequence and the screen print that I had created for my interim show and came up with an editorial idea which can be seen above.

4th Year Interim show/ exhibition

My interim show was based on the inspiration that I had came across whilst researching my topic and my main theme. I was interested in the great details of the natural plant forms and influencial people such as Karl Blossfeldt, and D'Arcy Thompson when coming up with my idea for this piece. I wanted to create something that would interest and excite people so created an origami sculpture from tiny pieces of paper all put together to create this one big piece of artwork.

My interim show piece can be seen above.

4th Year main project, photobook

Due to the amount of photography I have been involved with this year for my research purposes, I decided to collate some of my research together in a published book where in which can be seen above. Most of my photography highlights and illuminates the details of natural plant forms that are difficult to see hence the name "Up close and Personal.

4th Year main project research

My personal work this year was mainly inspired by natural plant forms. Natural plant forms can be seen in our everyday lives but most of our contact with nature is in passing as we drive by, we take a glimpse, and we get a quick emotional fix but nothing more. My project this year was to make us as human beings more aware of our surroundings where in which we live and the beautiful details that are hidden to the human eye.

The second part of my project however still relates to nature but is more personal to myself and Im sure many others have experienced it too. It is about nature and the way of life, birth, life and death.

Above is some research/ photography that I have taken throughout my project.

4th Year D&AD project

The D&AD project/ competition happens every year. D&AD usually sets out a certain amount of briefs around dec/jan time for graphics, illustration, packaging design etc. This year quite a few of 4th Year Illustrators have won prizes or been awarded for nominations. Have a look at the students work below,

The brief that I decided to work with was for the graphics- packaging design. The sponsor was The Body Shop. The brief set out was to design a contemporary range of packaging for The Body Shop that unites their brand values with the premium nature of the products. My idea can be seen above.

4th Year library of babel project

The library of babel project was set out for the whole of the illustration department on the first week back after summer. We were asked to redesign the wall in the illustration media room and we were all given different eras of street art to work with. My piece of work was influenced by 1980's graffiti and ghetto new york and Keith Haring. My images/ idea can be seen above.