Sunday, 22 May 2011

Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show Opening 2011

Pictures of me and my piece from degree show opening.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Dundee University Degree Show 2011

If your interested in what the students have been up to this year then I would advise you to get down to the Dundee University Degree Show as it is not to be missed!

Private View:
20 May, 6-9pm
21 May to 29 May
Monday – Friday 10am -8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
Admission is free
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
University of Dundee, Perth Road,
Dundee DD1 4HT

If you aren't able to pop down then why not have a look online at the address below,

and of course the illustration webpage is -

Celebrations :)

Celebrations all around! Congratulations to everyone for their fantastic results. i have to admit I am extremely pleased with mine! I now have a 2:2 in BA (hons) Illustration! I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, I wouldnt have got here without you all! :D

4th Year, degree show business cards

Ahhhh the time has finally come... a sneak preview of my business cards before they go out.

4th year main project, childrens book (DEGREE SHOW PIECE)

Just before I finished my editorial project someone close to me got very ill. I wanted to continue with my nature theme so tried to think of a way that I could channel my thoughts of what was going on at home somewhere in my project. I decided that due to the nature of the illness I was going to create a childrens book to help them along the journey, which I have had to take to the later part of this year as I know from past experience there is not a lot out there for children when things like this happen.

My childrens book can be seen above.

4th year main project, editorial

Leading on from my Interim show piece I came across a magazine article in the TIME magazine. I thought this article would be a perfect opportunity for me to create an editorial piece. I worked with the idea of the fibonacci sequence and the screen print that I had created for my interim show and came up with an editorial idea which can be seen above.

4th Year Interim show/ exhibition

My interim show was based on the inspiration that I had came across whilst researching my topic and my main theme. I was interested in the great details of the natural plant forms and influencial people such as Karl Blossfeldt, and D'Arcy Thompson when coming up with my idea for this piece. I wanted to create something that would interest and excite people so created an origami sculpture from tiny pieces of paper all put together to create this one big piece of artwork.

My interim show piece can be seen above.

4th Year main project, photobook

Due to the amount of photography I have been involved with this year for my research purposes, I decided to collate some of my research together in a published book where in which can be seen above. Most of my photography highlights and illuminates the details of natural plant forms that are difficult to see hence the name "Up close and Personal.

4th Year main project research

My personal work this year was mainly inspired by natural plant forms. Natural plant forms can be seen in our everyday lives but most of our contact with nature is in passing as we drive by, we take a glimpse, and we get a quick emotional fix but nothing more. My project this year was to make us as human beings more aware of our surroundings where in which we live and the beautiful details that are hidden to the human eye.

The second part of my project however still relates to nature but is more personal to myself and Im sure many others have experienced it too. It is about nature and the way of life, birth, life and death.

Above is some research/ photography that I have taken throughout my project.

4th Year D&AD project

The D&AD project/ competition happens every year. D&AD usually sets out a certain amount of briefs around dec/jan time for graphics, illustration, packaging design etc. This year quite a few of 4th Year Illustrators have won prizes or been awarded for nominations. Have a look at the students work below,

The brief that I decided to work with was for the graphics- packaging design. The sponsor was The Body Shop. The brief set out was to design a contemporary range of packaging for The Body Shop that unites their brand values with the premium nature of the products. My idea can be seen above.

4th Year library of babel project

The library of babel project was set out for the whole of the illustration department on the first week back after summer. We were asked to redesign the wall in the illustration media room and we were all given different eras of street art to work with. My piece of work was influenced by 1980's graffiti and ghetto new york and Keith Haring. My images/ idea can be seen above.

4th Year james and giant piece project

Whilst working on my main project this year I have also integrated a few other projects alongside it, one of which was the James and the Giant peach book cover competition set by Penguin. We were asked to redesign the classic james and the giant peach book cover making it appealing for any age. Above is my final idea.

3rd Year self initiated brief

The self initiated brief was a brief that was set by ourselves. I decided that for this project I wanted to take part in the MacMillan childrens book competition so decided to write and illustrate a childrens books and have a black and white dummy for hand in at the end of my project. My idea was to make children aware that everyone is different and that should be treated the same no matter what they look like. The children shouldn't go out their way to look like everyone else as everyone is their own individual person. Above are some of the black and white spreads for my dummy childrens book.

3rd Year collaborative project

We were given a collaborative printing project where we were put into pairs with another member of our class. We had to pick a theme/ idea and work our images together to create one final piece. My partner in crime for this project was Annie Green. Although both myself and Annie's work is completely different it was nice to see our work come together as one. The final printed book can be seen above.

3rd Year D'arcy Thompson Exhibition/Project

This year was D'arcy Thompson's 150th Anniversary so the University of Dundee and the University of St Andrews were running a collaborative project to celebrate this. They were holding various events over 2010 to mark his anniversary and 3rd Year Illustration's exhibition was one of them. During my research on D'Arcy Thompson i can across various interesting things about his work. I was more interested in the mathematical size of D'Arcy so decided to create a series of mathematical origami balls inspired by his work which can be seen above. Every single piece of the mathematical balls are from single sheets of folded paper which are all slotted together to create the final piece.

CMT Images cont.

Final image of my CMT portfolio.

3rd year CMT images

The CMT project was given to us in order for us to create an identity for ourselves and put together a PDF portfolio where in which we could send to various companies and businesses in order for us to try and get work.

My PDF portfolio can be seen above.

3rd year RSPB Project/Exhibition/Competition

This project was given to us by the RSPB. We were given specific sites that we had to go away and research where in which sea eagles had previously been seen and we had to come back with a finished piece that would be used at these sites to inform the public and make the public aware to look out for them. My idea was basically a large sculpture of the bird on a post with information on the post detailing the birds info to make people more aware but whilst researching the sea eagles, I came across various details of the bird some of which the public wouldn't ever be able to see due to the birds being very rare.

Once finished the class held an exhibition in Duncan of Jordanstone gallery space where in which STV News came along to document it. My idea can be seen above. I created the piece out of tiny pieces of paper.

3rd year drawing project

This brief was basically an experimental project. It was set in order for us to experiment with not only media but also our drawing styles. In order for us to do this we were given different senarios for example we had to draw with one continuous line, the next one was a drawing based on time. The first drawing started off at about 5 mins and was lowered each time in order for us to get more sketchy. I enjoyed this project as it let me go wild. Above is one of the images I created.

3rd Year personal editorial project

I came across an article one night in one of the magazines I was reading and decided to do an editorial piece for it. The article was talking about how far people go these days to look perfect with the use of surgery etc. My ideas for the editorial can be seen above.

Dundee Law Hill

It was a lovely clear day so I decided to take a drive up Dundee Law Hill for some pretty pictures, which can be seen above.